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Living in Idaho affords me the unique opportunity to encounter raptors on a daily basis. Boise is also home to the Peregrine Fund’s World Center for Birds of Prey, where I spend time each spring, summer and fall photographing their incredible raptors and learning about the work they do here and around the world. I am ever in awe of the power, control, and grace these creatures effortlessly embody.

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Oregon Coast

Oregon’s coast is a beautiful landscape of black jagged rock, lush primordial forest, and salt infused wind. When I visit, I’m always embraced by a quaking calm, the vibrations of which lift to the surface memories and ruminations from deep within my spirit.

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I always strive to make images that provoke emotion. These particular images catch me off guard every time I see them, snatching my eyes and spirit for a moment. I know I’ve found an image to add to this gallery every time that happens. It’s the thrill I hunt for every time I pick up a camera.